Lash Extension Tips & Tricks

For the first 24 hours after a lash treatment, do not allow water to make contact with the lashes. Please do not rub the lashes. When you need to cleanse, please do so with a q-tip cafefully as so not to rub the lashes. Pat dry after washing. Please use oil free eye make-up remover and use creams around the eyes sparingly. We do not recommend the usage of a manual eyelash curler. Should you wish to add a slight curl, we recommend a heated lash tool. We also recommend a 2-3 week maintenance routine to maintain the fullness and the length of the lashes.

Gel Nails – Best Practices

1. Avoid using lotions and creams that contain petroleum jelly/Vaseline or mineral oil as this will cause your nail to lift.
2. Regularly apply cuticle oil to your cuticles and under your nail free edge to avoid nail separation.
3. If gel is accidentally applied to your skin during the process, please do not pick at it. Gently file away to avoid causing lifting.
4. Do not file the top sealant as this is the water barrier for your artificial nail.
5. Have artificial nails removed by a certified nail technician to avoid damage to your natural nails and use after nail care instructions.
6. Any questions or concerns do not hesitate to call your nail technician.
7. If you experience a nail break, cover with a band aide a see your nail technician as soon as possible.

Hair Extensions

The general rule of thumb is if in doubt, call the salon.

Washing: Please wash your hair 1-2 times per week only with the shampoo and conditioner recommended by your stylist. Brush out your extensions before every wash starting from the ends and working your way up to the mid-shaft and roots. Please use the recommended leave in conditioner after each washing. Absolutely keep up with deep conditioning treatments weekly. Try to refrain from using hot water when washing, lukewarm water is recommended. Whenever possible, only use dry shampoo in-between each washing.

Styling: Leave your hair in a towel dry your extensions as much as possible and do not rough dry your extensions with a towel. Ensure a heat protectant spray is used before any heat styling. Once dry, style as needed as the extensions are made from 100% human hair. Please ensure all heat appliances are kept at a 180 degree temperature. Whenever engaging in physical activities, keep your extensions in a low pony tail or low braid to decrease the amount of tangling and matting.

Night time: Comb out your extensions every night before you sleep. Please give yourself a low braid. Please do not go to bed with wet extensions as mold may start to develop. You will get use to the feeling of your extensions over time.

Maintenance: To ensure the least amount of matting and tangling, please comb or brush the extensions from the weft down. If there is excessive matting, use a wide tooth comb in the shower with conditioner applied to the hair.

Hair Care Tips

Prolong the health of your hair by following these simple tips…

Most products are water soluble. Whenever possible, please shampoo hair every 2-3 days to ensure that your style and colour will last longer. When you are styling your hair, please try to blow dry your hair upside-down to encourage as much volume as possible. Start using your paddle brush or round brush after the hair is dried 80-90% to reduce excessive tension which may cause breakage. Using a root booster or a powder will emphasize the volume. Take care of your ends because the overall appearance of your style is determined by how the ends are finished.